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Kieran Drew


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"I've joined a couple of marketing newsletters so far but none of them compare to Kieran. The insights and learning alone are top tier but Kieran's humour and writing style are so refreshing that I'm excited like a child every time he arrives in my inbox."

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"On one hand, Kieran’s newsletter is a vault filled with valuable writing tools and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. On the other, it is entertaining as hell. I always look forward to opening his emails. (And I don’t say that about many newsletters)"

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"Kieran has the midas touch when it comes to writing. I read one edition of his newsletter, tweeted one of his suggestions got over 2,800 likes and 560 RTs. The man has a deep understanding of what makes people tick and it shows!"

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"Kieran's advice on writing and the creator economy is some of the best out there. If you're building a business online, this isn't one to miss."


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"Kieran's is one of the newsletters I regularly follow and by far the best in my inbox. It's been a great help for me to understand the reader's psychology and how to get maximum engagement.
My only complaint is that he isn't sending it twice or thrice a week."


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"I haven't met anyone who teaches writing like Kieran. Every newsletter is jam-packed with value and he never fails to entertain."

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