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    3 Questions to Win Back Your Time

    How to work smart (instead of just working hard)

    The Hell Yes Effect: How to Create Content That Connects

    Not all content is created equal. These two questions will help you connect deeper with your customers.

    Think you’re not creative? Search for these 3 signals

    You've been told you're not creative, but if you follow these 3 signals, I beg to differ.

    How to write emails that don't suck

    To scale your business, you must know how to sell through email. You can’t rely on social media or cold outreach. And if you want a great long-term relationship with your reader, neither can you use manipulative sales tactics. You need to send emails that build reputation and relationships

    Are you suffering from incentive drag?

    Today, I’m in a creative slump. I’ve been in one for a while now. But I’m going to face it with you in this email. Why with you? Because I’ve been suffering in silence, which is crazy considering the writing I enjoy most comes from being

    March’s Business Report (my final monthly business report)

    Welcome to March’s business breakdown. Each month, we take a peak under the hood of my business, discussing: * Leverage * Revenue * Growth Today, we’ll discuss the results from my recent launch and why this is the last monthly report I’ll send. The Freedom Meter The freedom meter measures

    The sea of ever-increasing noise

    Yesterday, I opened my 𝕏 account. The timeline was filled with people saying I should post more. I flicked to Gmail. More people telling me daily emails are the secret to success. I checked out LinkedIn. Everyone’s posting the same content because ‘that’s what's working right now’

    The minimum viable momentum approach

    Last month, I started posting on Instagram. If you’ve known me for a while, you know I’m not an IG enthusiast — content should be about how good you think, not how good you look. But my hairline’s on a limited timeframe, so I figured best get started

    How I've designed my day for creativity, clarity, and enjoyment

    I grew up in a military school, so I love discipline and routine. But I always believed creativity was about throwing the structured life in the trash, picturing an electrified-looking Einstein or an earless Van Gogh. Turns out, many clear thinkers swear by constraints to produce great work. This is

    How to use the 5 pillars of leverage to scale your business

    It’s been 2 years since I gave birth to my business (it’s felt that painful at times), but I’ve only just begun to appreciate how powerful leverage is. There’s a famous quote from Archimedes: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to

    A lesson from my disastrous first golf lesson

    Recently, I had the pleasure, or more accurately, the pain, of taking my first golf lesson. Now, I’m not the sportiest of people. Since my neck and back surgeries, I have the manual dexterity of a goldfish and the spinal mobility of a plank of wood. I’m much

    Hungry sharks vs Kieran Drew

    As part of my travels to South Africa last month, I spent several hours at sea among a mob of hungry sharks with nothing but a steel cage and my silent screams to protect me. How was it? Well, let's just say I left the waters a slightly