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    17 lessons from 2,000 digital product sales

    By Kieran Drew
    This is an edition of my old newsletter Digital Freedom.

    It's lightly edited but otherwise untouched. I've kept them on the site to show how the journey has evolved.

    Over the past 19 months, I’ve sold over 2,000 copies of digital products.

    Product 1: Viral Inspiration Lab (1021 copies - $84,987 grossed)

    Product 2: High Impact Writing (1072 copies - $349,415 grossed)

    Here’re the top 18 lessons I’ve learned from the product game so far:

    Build a unique mechanism

    If you want to sell more of your product, give people a new reason to buy: YOUR solution to an old problem (disregard this advice if you’re in a new market).

    Used tiered pricing

    Multiple price points have two advantages. First, price anchoring - you can control which option is more appealing. Second, more revenue - someone always wants to pay you more.

    Look for ‘reason why’ opportunities

    People won’t buy your product if you don’t give them a reason. But this doesn’t mean tricking your audience into purchasing. Keep an eye out for events:

    • Birthdays

    • Milestone

    • Holidays

    You can get creative too. One of my most popular sales last year was about my product breaking.

    Rarely run discounts

    Discounts devalue your product. If you do them often, you’ll be seen as cheap instead of premium. Save it for Black Friday.

    But urgency is important for sales. Try this:

    Sell with more

    Instead of devaluing, add value.

    • Give live webinars

    • Combine new bonuses

    • Hold Q&A’s and live calls

    Current buyers become fans because you overdeliver. And new buyers get more for their money. Win-win.

    Listen and adapt

    You start building a great product the day you sell it. Customers give you feedback; if one person says it, one hundred are thinking it.

    Turn questions into emails. Fix faults fast and let everyone know. Double down on what people enjoy.

    Overdeliver at every opportunity

    Products are relationship-building assets just as much as revenue-generating assets. If you blow away your customer, they become fans. Fans buy everything. More importantly: they tell everyone.

    Never underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing.

    To stand out, step further

    It’s remarkable how much you can set yourself apart by caring more than your competition. For every purchase, I send a personalised thank you video. Every email, a useful response. And I’ll hold on live calls and Q&As to support my customers (despite it not being a cohort or community).

    This takes work - but this is how you build trust.

    Set up a social-proof flywheel

    One good case study can do the work of 1,000 words of copy. Use software to collect proof and auto import onto your sales page. I use ConvertKit and Bonjoro.

    The more products you sell, the more products you’ll sell.

    On that note…

    Never come empty-handed

    Every email where I request a testimonial, I send a bonus video course. If you want people to take action, take advantage of reciprocation. Give before you ask.

    More is not better

    People don’t care how many modules, lessons, or hours you’ve spent building your product. They care what’s in it for them. Clear, concise, and highly actionable is the aim. Take the time to build it right.

    Less but better

    On a long enough timeframe, you’ll make 1000x more with one great product than five average ones.

    Price raises are much more effective than discounts

    My first product started at $37 and is now $200. Every price raise launch was a hit. Not sure why. Maybe loss aversion and product perception. Keep adding value, then charge more for it (but let them get in at the current price first!).

    Tension is everything

    Think of marketing like an elastic band. The more, and longer, you pull - the more tension you create. Tension is an emotion, and emotion gets people to buy.

    Talk about your product early. Talk about it often. Then, when you’re ready, release the band for a big snap.

    Evergreen is more fun

    You can run launches every few months and make a tonne of money. But it’s tiring. Not just for you, but for your audience. Instead, create an email sequence that pitches your product to new subscribers.

    Now the more you write, the more you earn.

    Tell more stories

    You will always sell more if you tell the right story; and your audience will enjoy being sold to because stories are valuable.

    Integrity over income

    Inflated claims. Magically extending deadlines. Overselling and underdelivering.

    Your word is everything - never sacrifice your long-term reputation for short-term revenue.

    Hope these help,


    Kieran Drew

    About Kieran

    Ex dentist, current writer, future Onlyfans star · Sharing what I learn about writing well, thinking clearly, and building an online business