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    Christopher NOlan burns the house down

    By Kieran Drew
    This is an edition of my old newsletter Digital Freedom.

    It's lightly edited but otherwise untouched. I've kept them on the site to show how the journey has evolved.

    Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to see Nolan’s new film Oppenheimer.

    I’m not usually a cinema guy… but the reviews were nuclear (sorry). So we took ourselves out for a Nando's chicken burger and 3 hour film date night.

    I’m no movie buff, but honestly?

    (Small spoilers ahead)

    The actors were great.

    The cinematography was brilliant.

    The build up toward the bomb was awesome.

    But the storytelling?

    Weak ass sauce.

    Before the Nolanites rush to cancel me, let me explain.

    A story pulls in an audience based on one thing:

    What’s at stake.

    If there’s nothing being risked, no love to be lost, no enemy to be conquered, no failure to avoid, then it’s just not that compelling to continue.

    The problem with Oppenheimer was that whilst the bomb was a high stakes event, it was followed by an hour that was anything but.

    The bomb goes off and there's a whole political scandal.

    But you couldn’t work out what they were fighting for…

    They barely dived into the emotional turmoil of the board meeting…

    And more importantly, barely any mention the internal conflict of nuking two cities.

    ... Which I'd imagine would tear any man apart.

    Because the stakes weren't clear, when the film finally finished, there was no rush of emotion... just a cinema full of people rushing to the toilet.

    And I see this all the time with creator's content too.

    People post their ideas and wonder why they don't get the response they hope for.

    They blame the algorithm or competition...

    But really, they've failed to answer the all important question on their reader's mind:

    Why should I care?

    It's not enough to just talk about your products.

    If you want your audience to take action, they need to know what they’re fighting for. Who they’re fighting against. The joys of victory. The pain of failure. The risks of inaction.

    But don’t just tell them.

    The internet's full of people telling other people how to think and feel.

    Instead, wrap it up in a story and show them.

    For example...

    I could tell you how learning to write will change your life (yawn).

    Or I could share a story about how the internet is the best opportunity we've had to build a career we love...

    Then show you how most people will fail online because noise is making it impossible for early creators to be heard - so there's a high chance you end up quitting before achieving Digital Freedom...

    Then finish with showing the changes I made in my writing that helped me and my clients build their dream businesses...

    Can you see how this might make you much more interested in what I have to offer my friend?

    Keep an eye out for my email next Tuesday - I'll explain a little more then.

    Starting with why freedom ISN'T the most important goal online.

    Have a nice weekend,


    If you want people to care, make them

    Kieran Drew

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