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    How to make your course 10x more sexy

    By Kieran Drew
    This is an edition of my old newsletter Digital Freedom.

    It's lightly edited but otherwise untouched. I've kept them on the site to show how the journey has evolved.

    This is a special 6 part email series sharing lessons from the recent launch of High Impact Writing. Click here for part 1part 2, and part 3.

    I also released a full copywriting course earlier in the week. Unfortunately my Twitter DMs broke, so I've uploaded directly to the platform. Here's the link.

    When you buy something, here’s how it usually goes:

    You give your card information…

    You get an email with the course link…

    And then… nothing.

    From a creator’s perspective, I get it. You’ve sold the product - all your client has to do is take it.

    But it’s not about your perspective.

    It’s about theirs.

    And if you want to overdeliver, the work doesn't stop at the sale. It starts.

    Here’re 3 tips to help:

    1. The beauty is in the follow-up

    People don’t stop their life to take your course. Some will buy and forget. Others will start and stop. And a few are already beginning to regret their purchase - buyer’s remorse.

    To help with all 3, I did two things:

    First, every client got a personalized video thanking them for purchasing.

    At a rate of 3 videos per minute, that’s around 6 hours - a whole load’a talking.

    Now, some will think this is a waste of time. But don’t underestimate how far going the extra mile can take you. Especially online, where word-of-mouth marketing is king.

    bonjoro tweet replies

    Next, I sent a 30-day post-purchase email sequence to:

    1. Check in
    2. Re-teach concepts from the course (a nice reminder for those who have taken it, and those who still need to)

    For example, here’s the start of one I wrote about Ali Abdaal:

    ali abdaal email screenshot

    I wrote these emails in real-time during launch 1, then turned them into automated assets for launch 2.

    Aside from more value, the benefit is sparking conversations. You get to meet your clients. They tell you more about their problems. And you can improve the course experience based on what you hear.


    But let’s go one step further.

    2. Give unexpected gifts

    I’m far from a relationship expert. But one thing I’ve learned after 5 years with my girlfriend is how far unexpected gifts go.

    Toward the end of the post-purchase sequence, my clients get 5 short video courses.


    • Live writing sessions
    • How I use data to iterate on ideas
    • How I come up with new concepts and test on Twitter
    • Exercises to help improve your message

    You could put these in your course but you run the risk of information overwhelm. By dripping out 2-3 weeks later, they’ve had time to take the core material.

    This is also the perfect time (and way) to collect testimonials. Think about it. Most people try to collect social proof with an email like this:

    Hey. Thanks for taking the course… can I get a testimonial?

    If you want a higher response rate, never come empty-handed (this rule is important in life just as much as business). Lead with value and you have reciprocity.

    And with 5 assets, you have 5 opportunities to collect.

    3. Speak to your clients

    When you write or build products, you’re often having a one-way conversation with your audience.

    But unlike a normal chinwag, you don’t see the blank look on someone’s face when they misunderstand your point. Nor do people feel inclined to ask as many questions when the course isn’t live.

    Trust me here:

    Feedback is THE most important data to collect.

    My golden rule online is that if one person says it, one hundred think it. If you get a positive response, double down. If there’s a negative, fix it fast.

    Emails are fine for collecting feedback, but you can’t really substitute the power of a face-to-face.

    After each launch, I hosted group Q&A’s for clients.

    It’s another win-win situation. People appreciate talking through their specific problems and they get to meet other clients. You get hundreds of content and course material ideas.

    But there’s another benefit I’d like to finish up this email with:


    The more you talk to your audience the more you understand them.

    It’s easy to say, ‘Write for the person 2 steps behind’, but the paradox of progress is the more you make, the less you remember how hard the first steps were.

    I’d hate to become one of those ‘big’ creators who lose touch with their fans - so I’m happy to keep in contact.

    Hope this email helps. On Saturday, I’ll share my launch mistakes and how you can avoid them.

    See you then,



    Kieran Drew

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