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    Hungry sharks vs Kieran Drew

    By Kieran Drew

    As part of my travels to South Africa last month, I spent several hours at sea among a mob of hungry sharks with nothing but a steel cage and my silent screams to protect me.

    How was it?

    Well, let's just say I left the waters a slightly darker shade of brown.

    All jokes aside, the experience was brilliant. As we returned to shore and drove back along winding coast roads across a stunning backdrop of mountains, my dad said this would be a great email to send to my audience.


    I agreed, but I was a little stumped.

    See, the best content comes from personal perspective because no one can steal it from you (or, if they try, it’s a weak imitation). But the crucial part is that you tie it back to a useful lesson for your reader, or you become just another Instagram-style influencer with no real pizzazz.

    But the only tip I could think of was to pack a jumper if you go into the sea because the water was bloody freezing. Not quite writing material. But as I warmed up at home sipping on a rum and coke, the lesson popped into my head.

    Here goes:

    Good writing isn’t just what you put onto a page; it’s what you put into life.

    When I started creating content, I had nothing to talk about. Oh, a disgruntled dentist doesn’t like his job? Who cares. Go play more golf (I can’t play golf). But I soon realised that in order to be an interesting writer, you must be an interesting person.

    This is one reason writing is amazing — it forces you to be a better version of yourself.

    You will never be more outgoing, curious, or interested in the world than when you share your thoughts online.

    Now I’m not suggesting you have to become an adrenaline junkie or sell your soul for engagement (I saw TikTokers drinking a dessert out of a toilet recently — which quite literally stinks of desperation).

    But I am suggesting you crank up whatever action you’re taking.

    Be it building your business. Living your life. Pursuing your purpose.

    People don’t pay attention to average. That’s the truth of it. You must lean into what makes you weird and share more stories from personal perspective.

    Often, the lessons are obvious — like hitting a big milestone and deconstructing your journey.

    But sometimes, the lessons are tucked away in the small details of your life.

    You might take inspiration from a romantic meal with your partner to share the importance of gratitude. Or find joy from a Sunday spent sipping tea and reading books to remind your audience it’s not all about the hustle.

    Rarely, you may slip on a wetsuit to become shark bait.

    Whatever you do, remember:

    People follow people. And the more you write from personal experience, the more real your message becomes. It’s much easier to like someone when you know more about them.

    Open up.

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