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    My first ever tweet (and why I wouldn't it write now)

    By Kieran Drew
    This is an edition of my old newsletter Digital Freedom.

    It's lightly edited but otherwise untouched. I've kept them on the site to show how the journey has evolved.

    Today I’m going to give you an idea that helped me go from landing 100 followers a month to 100,000 in 2022.

    But first, I’d like to clarify something:

    Just because you don’t have a big audience, doesn’t mean you don’t have something interesting to say.

    I’ve spent a lot of time studying ‘big accounts’ over the past few years and trust me:

    Size ain’t everything.

    But one thing most 'big' creators do well that new ones don't is present their ideas properly.

    For example, here’s my first tweet ever:

    I know - Marcus Aurelius watch out.

    Twitter bro philosopher aside, it's an idea I firmly believe in and still share. But I'd never write like that now. The tonality is completely wrong and there's no emotional hook to engage with.

    It's the reason it took me a year to get 1,000 followers.

    Things are moving a little faster these days. And that's only because of one decision:

    I tried (and failed) to become a freelancer.

    There was a point where I couldn’t stand being a dentist anymore (who’d have thought spending all day in people’s mouths would be anything less than glamorous).

    I knew the fastest way to make money was to make other people money, so I looked at high-value skills and stumbled across this little thing called copywriting.

    Now, I actually found copywriting before. But I hated it. I thought it was sleazy, boring, and manipulative.

    But these days it’s my favourite skill to study.


    Because it ain’t about tricking people.

    It’s just the ability to create emotion through the written word.

    The aim of writing isn’t just to make people think. It’s to make them act.

    But people don't act if you can't make them feel.

    And sure…

    In business, taking action means paying money.

    But it also means getting people to pay attention. To change their mind. To act a little differently. To be inspired to improve. To be motivated to make a difference.

    If you can create those actions with your ideas, my friend?

    Well, that's when you make real progress.

    For example:

    You could spend 4 hours on a genuinely useful thread and get 4 likes. I’ve been there. It sucks. But if you learn how to write a compelling hook, then you might get 100x the result.

    I’m not suggesting you become a copywriter…

    But I am suggesting you add the skill to your stack.

    Last year I built a copywriting crash course that almost 10,000 people have taken.

    I’m a little older now…

    Maybe a little wiser, definitely a little balder.

    But the course covers the fundamentals of copy. Even better, it’s entirely free. If you haven’t taken it yet, here’s a link.

    Hope it helps with your journey,



    I forgot to tell you why I failed as a copywriter.

    I was terrified to put myself out there. I didn’t believe people would pay me to write - so I ended up building my own product to sell instead.

    I then started coaching creators who wanted to scale their business by writing online. The better I got at copy, the faster my audience grew too.

    By the time I was confident enough in my copywriting skills, it just never made sense to move into freelancing.

    The Copywriting Crash Course is a good overview of what you need to know…

    But if you’d like to see how to apply copywriting and storytelling techniques to attract an audience fast (and correctly - no cheap tricks)…

    And you’re in a position to invest in your creator career…

    Then come see why over 1,000 entrepreneurial creators use High Impact Writing to improve their skill stack instead.


    Kieran Drew

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