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    Why work ethic is holding you back

    Why your work ethic is holding you back

    By Kieran Drew

    Most entrepreneurs will say work ethic is the biggest predictor of success—you don’t need to be smart or special to succeed when you’re unreasonably persistent.

    But I’m close to four years in my business and I’ve noticed another quality creep up.

    One that I’m rubbish that. One that’s easy to ignore. One that will either make you a tonne of cash or cost it:

    Rest ethic.

    Now before the hustlers grab their pitchforks, hear me out.

    I’m one of you. I’ve got the chip on my shoulder and point to prove too. You tell me to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week for years and I’ll plonk myself in front of the computer no problemo (if the carrot is enticing enough).

    But working hard does not mean working smart.

    You can be so goddamn busy you don’t have time to think.

    And on a long enough timeframe, the thinker will always beat the hustler. Especially online, especially with leverage. Judgement and creativity are the two most important skills. Both require space.

    That’s why I’ve booked a week off to Madeira.

    It’s my first solo trip.

    I won’t lie, I’m a chicken when it comes to this sorta stuff (any tips appreciated).

    When I was a dentist, solo travelling was always part of my writing dream. Ironically once I quit drilling, I’ve been having so much fun I never saw a reason to leave my flat. This holiday’s a little test.

    My plan is to hike, read, and explore.

    I’ll dabble in a little bit of writing too, but nothing work-related. Just thinking about life and where I’d like it to go.

    I hope you take these pauses, too (you don’t need to fly to an island to relax).

    Don’t get lost in the blur of success.

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