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    Will you survive in a post AI world?

    By Kieran Drew
    This is an edition of my old newsletter Digital Freedom.

    It's lightly edited but otherwise untouched. I've kept them on the site to show how the journey has evolved.

    Yesterday we spoke about why being a creator is one of the best opportunities for freedom. If you missed the email, you can take a read here.

    Today we’re gonna talk about what's stopping you from achieving it.


    One of the biggest entrepreneurial mistakes you can make is not evolving with the environment.

    Case in point.

    When I started online, I tanked. HARD. 12 months in I had nothing to show. I was on the world’s slowest escape plan.

    Guess who was to blame?

    The Stoics among you would say ‘yourself’.

    But fuck that. I blame James Clear. The smug bastard.

    Because buried between his sexy sentences and beautiful blog was a business plan.

    A plan I followed blindly.

    “Two articles a week. Keep consistent. Focus on quality. The results will come.”

    I chipped away for 6 months building my first site and the only people who saw it were my mum and girlfriend (and they were too polite to tell me it sucked).

    So what was the problem?

    Well, back then, I thought copywriting was about legally protecting goods.

    I was a little late to the creator economy.

    James's advice was solid... but entirely out of date.


    The internet changes pretty fast.

    A plan that worked 3 years ago probably won't work now.

    Thankfully, Dan Koe warned me.

    Else I’d still be wearing scrubs to work instead of sitting in my slippers.

    But I’m not here to continue my vendetta against James.

    I’m here to make sure you don't repeat my mistake.

    The problem back then was that attention had moved to social media...

    Blogging was the slow way to succeed.

    The issue now?

    Well, not only has short-form content become crucial as a creator (which I actually enjoy - tweets are a great way to communicate concisely).

    But now we have the rise of robots to face.

    ChatGPT and its rivals are pumping AI-generated, generic drivel onto social platforms.

    So it's much harder to build an audience now than it was in the past.


    5 years ago a monkey with a keyboard could succeed. Creators would just ship generic, viral content, and voila - you're an authority.

    But trust me my friend,

    Mirroring these methods and hoping for success ain't gonna end well. It'll be the same problem I faced when I started. Lots of hard work on the wrong thing.

    Here's the truth in 2023:

    You can’t afford to sound like a cheap clone of someone else.

    … Unless you’re one of the 7 ‘AI guys’, then please carry on.

    Psychologist Viktor Frankl once said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

    Nobody can control how the internet changes.

    But you can make sure you evolve with it.

    To do that, you need an edge. But I’m not talking about expertise. Nope. It's something you already have.

    Tomorrow, I’ll show you what it is.

    See you then,



    This email was written by AI. It’s already too late. Run for the hills.

    Survive the AI-pocalypse

    Kieran Drew

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